Why Choose Us

Our Vision

We have designed some projects to ensure that world class Alkaline RO purifiers reach all house holds

  •  We are providing zero % interest loan facility, along with RO schemes to purchase Alkaline RO purifier systems.
  • Price at affordable rates directly from manufacturer to consumer with no compromise on quality, Cost is spared from advertisement & from middle mans.
  • AQUA MOUNT purifiers uses so simple so rational purification Technology with world class water quality we dosent use unnecessary Accessories like MCB,CHIPS, ALARAMS, LED DISPLAYS,CONTROL PANELS etc…
  •  From the last year, We are installing our products in each houses in villages through demonstration and educating villages peoples regarding safe drinking water.
  •  Lots of RO purifiers company in india are not going to install RO systems in houses of villages. Because in village houses there will be no facilities for water tap and over head tank in these houses.
  •  But our AQUA MOUNT purifiers has designed innovative bucket pump Technology to suit village standards “NO OVERHEAD TANK – NO TAP”
  •  For school children a special project is offered “Drink safe water, save children” under this project Alkaline RO purifiers will be directly supplied to school children at cost effective prices by the company.
  •  AQUA MOUNT purifiers will be offered to the public as well as the government employees at concessional rates, easy installments and loan premium.
  •  Service is our top priority, we assure to provide best service, & best quality Genuine spares at affordable pric